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Submissions for oxygen7

Submissions open for oxygen7 .  February, up until 12 March. Send poems in hard copy to postal address. Nonfiction articles can be emailed. Art and photographs must be emailed.     ERRATA ' “Summer sang in me a little while, it sings in me no more,” Cooper as Bernstein paraphrases from an Edna St. Vincent Millay poem, in a quiet moment on the Bernstein family porch. “ If summer doesn’t sing in you, then nothing sings in you, and if nothing sings in you, then you can’t make music,” Mulligan as Montealegre responds.' By John Di Lillo writing on the film Maestro, taken from Tudum by Netflix. 24 December 2023 But summer did sing in Leonard Bernstein, right up until the end. As I am writing this in February 2024, summer is singing in the garden outside, and summer is singing in me. Late last year I received a note regarding errors I had made in oxygen6. Well, I have at last found some time to go back over oxygen6. I really did think that I had done a final thorough proof

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